Monday, October 20, 2003

Dull, dreary, drizzle outside. Reminds me of my homeland...England. Just thankful that we don't live in the SW of BC. Unbelievable amount of rain over the past few days. And I heard that more is on its way. My thoughts are with you guys.

Hubby came back from his trip to Iqaluit, Nunavut. He brought yet another cold home with him (along with a cute soapstone carving that I will try to photograph tomorrow). That is 2 colds for him in 7 weeks and it will be 3 for me if this sore throat gets worse. I have never had that many colds in one year, let alone 7 weeks.

Jesse's "top down raglan" is coming along fast. I forgot that kid's items are speedy knits. Been years since I knitted any. Well actually the last kid's garment that I knitted was for my nephew who is now 30!!! That was knitted when he was around 8 months, I think. I crocheted a few things for Jesse but this is the first knitted one. We had far too many Gymboree, Gap and Old Navy tops to wear out first. (I am addicted to buying wonderful kid's clothing - and I hate buying clothes for myself.)

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