Sunday, June 06, 2004

I am getting a beading bug. Been a long time since I beaded. I noticed that Growing Together has beading classes starting next week. Growing Together is a place two block away that has programs for families and their kids. They have cookery classes, play mornings, toy lending library and such. I taught myself to bead about 7 years ago but I would love to learn properly. It is also a good excuse to leave Jesse with his Dad so that I can take a break for a couple of hours....It is so rare that I do that.

Anyway, has anybody seen any online instructions for making beaded stitch markers? I found this site with ring style Beaded Stitch Markers but I am looking for instructions for making ones like drop earrings.

We thought summer had arrived. Yesterday - Sunny, warm and around 22c. Today - freezing fog and 2c this morning. And guess who planted her bedding plants yesterday. Silly ME!