Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Way to Go Fantasia!

The best American Idol winner to date.

The emotion she puts into a song will surely make her a top artist. Not just a singer - she is pure, raw, powerful talent.
I was weeping buckets at the end - had to go and clean my glasses as I couldn't see.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

On the knitting front - I have just finished the back of Georgina and cast on for the left front. I think this cardigan might become a fave of mine. It sure looks pretty so far.

The past week has not been fun at all...AT ALL!

Jesse had a bad cough the previous week. Daddy went to Inuvik on Monday. Monday afternoon, I took Jesse to Tree House (a kids play/craft group). One girl had a runny nose.... I didn't think much of it as Jesse probably had the same bug. Next morning we went to Tumbling Toddlers. Fisheries and Oceans Canada had a young guy visit to give the kids a little show about pond life. He bought bugs - Jesse was mesmerized. He and another boy called Brad were laying on their tummies glued to the bowl of water with the bugs. Jesse has never been so still or quiet. But Brad had a runny nose. Meg, Jesse's girlfriend, also had a runny nose. On Wednesday Jesse got sicker again. Luckily Daddy came home Thursday evening. This weekend he has been really bad. Poor kid has been running a high fever and was a bit delirious at one stage. He wasn't too bad this morning but, after his afternoon nap, he was burning up again. Daddy gave him a tepid shower and Mommy gave Tylenol. If he isn't better tomorrow, we will call the nursing desk at the hospital for advice. He has been ill too long. Poor kid's nose is bleeding often as well. Mommy hasn't slept much for nearly two weeks now.

Then we heard that Ron's Mom has been ill since around Xmas. She had back pain when she was here but she said it was due to the long journey...very likely. Seems she hid how bad she felt when we all met up at Easter. Now we learn that she has a spot on her lung. We are worried out of our minds. She quit smoking around the time Jesse was born. I always thought that she quit because of him but now I wonder if she already knew something. Ron thinks the same. Please send good thoughts and vibes her way.

QUIT NOW!!!Happily the Northwest Territories has banned smoking in any restaurants, bars or pubs now. Maybe that might stop at least one person dying of lung caner. Basically you can't smoke in any workplace at all...and that includes where waiters and waitresses work. Well done NWT!!!! Hay River had already banned smoking in restaurants. As an ex smoker - I am really happy about this. I cannot tolerate the stench of smoke at all now. It has stopped me going to Christmas parties at Ron's work etc.