Saturday, July 30, 2005

Overdoing it!

Feeling sorry for myself. I have tingling/numb fingers, pain in my shoulder and elbow. It is pretty difficult to even sleep with this. No it isn't caused by crocheting or knitting but by too much computer work. I bought a Microsoft Trackball and the shape helped but the ball sticks. Evidently it is a typical design fault with this particular trackball. So then I bought a Logitech but the shape is too high for my little hands and that ended up aggravating the situation. I just installed a normal mouse this morning and am currently trying to use my left hand instead. Not doing too well with that. I was just updating a website and accidentally shut down my computer. Lost all the work. DUH!

My right arm is braced and I am trying to rest it as much as possible...pretty hard with a 4 year old around. Trying to follow some advice about carpal tunnel from before I go and see the doc about it. It will probably take a few weeks to even get an appointment up here.