Thursday, December 04, 2003

Just wanted to thank so many of your for your wonderful emails and messages. Most businesses are still are affected by the Google search engine problem. No idea if it will ever go back to how it was. Most of us are trying to find other ways to get our businesses noticed. Sadly we don't all have the huge advertising dollars of the big companies. Thankfully I had built up quite a customer base so I am not totally down and out. Will work hard in other directions now.

Things got put into perspective this week. My Dad's wife emailed me to say Dad had fallen out of bed and fractured his hip. He is 74. Not a good age to do something like that. He had to have a plate inserted and can't walk well at all. I feel out of touch as I am in Canada and Dad is in England. It took 8 days for anybody to tell me. My sister didn't even bother emailing me!!!!!!!

Then I read a friend's blog and cried over her brother's cancer worries. Things like this are awful. You can't help. You don't even know if you are saying the right words. You can't hug the friend as they live on the other side of Canada.

So while my business problems are a worry, they are not anything like my Dad's problems or the problems of my friend's brother. I have my health. I have my son.