Thursday, March 04, 2004

Here is a better pic of the new van complete with just about the worst photo of me. Talk about toothy grin!!!!
Photo was taken at DH's workplace hence all the telephone cable reels in the background. But check out that blue sky! It is about -25c but so sunny. Love days like this!


So long as I don't do much, I can use my wrist again. It gets sore fast if I overdo it. No knitting yet.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Well I have officially become a "frump ordinary family person". That is what my neighbour said anyway. We bought a Ford Windstar van today. Had spent 3 sleepless nights trying to make up our minds. Test drove 2 . Last weekend we tested the following for 2 days - a 2000 Ford Windstar SEL NWT Diamond Limited edition (NWT being Northwest Territories which is where we live and Diamond most likely is some celebration of the diamond finds up here over the past years). Last night we had a 2002 Ford Windstar Sport. The latter was driven by Hubby who wouldn't comment. Then I drove it a bit. It just didn't seem such a nice ride as the 2000 model. It bounced from side to side more. The engine was noisier too. Hubby then commented. He thought exactly the same as me.

Jesse loved the first van. He kept saying "Back! Van!" every time we went anywhere near the sales lot. He is a totally different child in a van than when he is in the truck. Just that alone was a huge selling point for us.

So now I am a frump. I never would have guess that I would have ever owned a van. Felt they were boring. I always drove the fast sporty type cars in England. Here I drove a F150 truck here which I felt drove me, instead of me driving it. HATE rear wheel drives. That truck was traded in for the van. Now I am back driving a front wheel drive. And this has so many bells and whistles including and power opening passenger door...and that really caught Jesse's attention.

Here is a bad pic of it at the showroom. Will try to take some good ones soon. It has chrome along the side which looks just awesome.