Wednesday, May 12, 2004

American Idol - what a joke
The program totally lost any credability tonight. It is pretty clear that votes are being rigged. But that doesn't totally surprise me. You could set a computer up with a script to dial in over and over again. Imagine what fun hackers can reap on the voting. If they allow more than one call per # then it can be rigged easily.

I didn't like La Toya's attitude too much but she is a GREAT singer. She seemed a tad toooooooo confident. Watch now -- Fantasia will get thrown out next.

I feel pissed off!

Georgina is working up nicely. I love how it looks so far. I am about to decrease for the armholes on the back. Not had too much knitting time this week as work has been busy. Jesse is under the weather again too. Was up all night as he had a bad cough. Poor baby!

The colour of the yarn is very hard to get on camera. Sorry, I didn't feel like going outside as it is still around freezing. But you can get the idea at least.

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