Friday, January 09, 2004

At last I remembered to take a photo of my finished Ribby Pullover.
The photo is pretty bad as it was taken at night, with a flash, in a room with bad light. I had hoped to take a better one in the sun and snow this morning but it is cloudy.
The sleeves look really narrow but that is due to the 2x2 rib. It fits well...a bit too well considering the extra pounds I added over the holidays. Oh well - better work that off on the treadmill.

My urge to design something took off again. I have almost finished a crocheted dog sweater design. I thought a crocheted one might be easier to attempt first. Hopefully I can translate the design to knitting eventually.

Finally got my Christmas present working. DH bought me a dishwasher. I had nagged him since I moved here almost 8 years ago. Our kitchen needs remodelling and is not very large (considering how much I like cooking). So we had to buy an extra unit to put it in. Unfortunately the unit didn't arrive until Jan 5. DH has worked every night to install it for me and we finally got it running on Wednesday.