Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Having trouble getting a decent photo of my felted bag. The grey days and dark colour of the bag are not helping. I will just give up and show this.
The bags is MUCH nicer in "real life". I attached a magnetic catch to some ribbon and then that was sewn inside the bag. Some people have horror stories about wiping out credit cards as they pulled them out of the bag over the magnet. I keep my card in a wallet so I hope that won't be an issue. Not that I pull my card out very often anyway.

Felted Bag

The sun made a brief appearance yesterday and I snapped a quick shot of this jackpine in our front yard. It is actually a lot taller than it looks as it is buried in 3 feet of snow.
Love the look of crisp, deep snow on a sunny day.

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Monday, January 24, 2005

Long time since I blogged. I do have a good excuse. Pain! Have horrendous pain in my right arm. I don't think it is carpal tunnel. Wore an arm brace for a while and that didn't help. Took strong, doc recommended painkillers which just made me sleep. Can't have that with a 3 year old in the house. The problem seems to be from using a mouse too much rather than from knitting to excess. Even bought a new trackball mouse but that hasn't helped at all. Have good days, and more often than not, bad days. So I just do what I can, when I can.

I DO have a FO to report but no photo yet. I finally finished the Ladies Triangle Handbag by Two Old Bags. I did a few changes in that I incorporate the i-cord bind-off and edging from the Twice as Nice Bag. It made for a sturdier edge. DH asked me where I bought the bag so I guess I should take that as a good sign. Will try to get a photo later.

We have been hit by a blizzard and now have at least 8 more inches of snow to add the 2 feet plus already on our lawn. Roll on April when it will all start to melt.
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So much snow that our igloo lost its entrance!