Sunday, July 29, 2007

Heat and Crocheting

It has been very hot in the north of Canada. We reached a melting 30c last week. Jesse and I visited the pool a lot to cool down. Then we had a huge deluge of rain which flattened my corn and broad beans. Jesse was heartbroken to see his sunflowers down in the mud. I tried to get on the garden to tie them up straight away but just got stuck in the very sticky mud.

I did manage to finish a crochet design - needed a fan blowing on me to keep my hands from getting too stitcky though. These are so easy and quick to crochet. I made both in a few hours.

I have finally got a new template for my blog. Things like this take a back seat to Jesse and work and I had been wanting to change it for ages. I also changed the comments from Haloscan so all previous comments have gone I am afraid.