Saturday, November 01, 2003

Halloween was cold! Tried to clear the drive and paths of snow and 10 minutes later, we had another dump of the stuff. Well at least I got some exercise!!!!

Jesse was a dalmatian. He wouldn't bark though. He pretended he was a monster. After the first house, he got the hang of carrying his bucket and looking cute. Of course the cuter he looked, the more candy he got. Not a dumb kid by any means. He was very polite and remembered to say "thank you!" to everybody.

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Finished Jesse's 2nd Top Down Raglan sweater. He wanted to wear it today and keeps saying "Nice, Nice". It is RH Kid's in Crayon colour. Perfect for a kid that adores and suits bright colours.

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It is -13c (9F) today. I need to find another knitting project to do as I sure don't feel like going outside too much. And to think it will reach around -40 eventually. Not looking forward to it one bit.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

This is what we awoke to this morning. Jesse giggled in delight. He is crazy about snow. Shame that he is still sick or I would wrap him up and let him play in the yard.

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"Walking in a Winter Wonderland....."

The 2nd Top Down Raglan is coming along well. On the 2nd sleeve now. I was sidetracked watching Shattered City: The Halifax Explosion. I found it very emotional. Tears kept messing up my glasses. In the end I just watched it and put down my knitting. If that happened today, it would be horrendous, but I kept thinking how much worse it must have been back then. They didn't have the luxury of the medical system and technology that we are SOOOO fortunate to have. Communications were slower. People must have suffered so badly.

Monday, October 27, 2003

Jesse's "Top Down Raglan" was finished on Friday but I never had chance to take a pic before now. He is a wriggler so this was the best picture out of the bunch. The pattern was very simple and it knitted up really fast. I like it so much that I am making #2. This time I am using Kid's Red Heart in Crayon colour. He loves bright colours.

Top Down Raglan - click for larger pic

DH took a pic of the carving that he brought back from Iqaluit. The base is soapstone and I think the birds are bone. It is only a few inches across.

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