Friday, August 01, 2003

Water bombers are taking off over my house. What a noise! We have a forest fire near the settlement of Enterprise which is 20 minutes drive from here. The storm crashed by at lunchtime and we had a feeling it would start fires. Had hoped it would cool the air. No such luck. Still 84f or 29c.

On another note, a delivery of yarn just arrived with Elann Sonata in shades of purples. Ooh, nice colours. Thinking about another BoatNeck shell or Chickami for that.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Here is a photo of the Boatneck shell made with Butterfly Super 10 yarn.

I was melting while wearing it and those pants. Rushed back in to get my little shorts on.
The dog in the photo is my baby Itsy, a Shiba Inu dog.

Monday, July 28, 2003

Another really hot day in Hay River. We really need some rain up here.
Boatneck shell is finished. It looks nice (will try to post pics tomorrow). I am never happy when I need to sew knitted pieces together. It never looks good enough to me. Maybe that is what I love circular knitting so much.

Just cast on Chickami and have the ribbing done. As some people know, ribbing is not my favourite thing to do.

Sunday, July 27, 2003

BoatNeck Shell is almost finished. I am just picking up stitches around the neck. So just that and the armholes to do. I am really excited about how it looks.

Bonne Marie at Chicknits did me a HUGE favour....well, not me personally but any larger chested female. She has come up with a wide strapped version of Chickami. As soon as I saw it, I was determined to add it to my WIMs. Paid my money and got my pattern. I will make it to match the first Sitcom Chic that I made. Already have the yarn.