Thursday, April 15, 2004

We made the long drive to Grande Prairie, AB for the long Easter weekend. It takes about 8 hours to drive there. Ron's parents drove over from near Barrhead to meet up with us. We shopped till we dropped on Saturday. Spent Sunday with the in-laws. Jesse was having such fun with grandpa. He doesn't get to see them nearly enough. But Sunday night things got BAD. Jesse got a fever and was crying and not sleeping. I was up all night. Around 6am he threw up in the bed (we were in a motel so this was NOT good). By 7am, we gave up trying to sleep and decided to head home. No breakfast with Ron's parents and a really abrupt goodbye. We stopped to grab coffee and gravol. Luckily Jesse only got ill once on the way home and he managed to warn us this time. It was a long drive on no sleep though.

Next day I woke with a sore throat and Jesse was sneezing. Now we both have really heavy colds.

So much for having a fun weekend eh? At least we had one good day with Ron's ma and pa.