Saturday, August 16, 2003

The river valley is thick with sweet smelling smoke. I wondered if the latest forest fire had been put out, Checked Forestry's website and I guess the fire it still buring.
Resources, Wildlife and Economic Development - Forest Fire Situation Report
Had problems with my blog and blogger so there have not been any updates lately. Hopefully this will post.

The cross-over sweater front is now on one needle. Left and right sides are knitted together onto one needle just under the bust. Then k3, p1 starts. I know - Jackie is NOT a ribbing fan but I love this sweater so much that I will really, really try.

Another scorcher here today 24C/75F already. I think we will be over 31c again today. Shouldn't complain as we will probably get snow in about 6 or 7 weeks (and I am deadly serious). A forest fire was pretty close to us yesterday. I noticed the smoke when I was waiting for DH's plane to land at the little airport here. The water bombers were on it within minutes and it seems to be out. Sure hope so.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Finally Chickami is finished - after having frogged it due to baggy armholes. I made the straight version with wide straps. It matches the first Sitcom Chic cardigan that I made. Very easy pattern to follow. Straightforward design. I would highly recommend it.

Now I plan to make a start on the Cross-Over Sweater. I just read the first part of the instruction. It is knitted from the neck down. Should be interesting. Using Stahl Bandolino in Turquoise.