Thursday, June 03, 2004

Oops. Has it been that long since I blogged?

Things have been rather busy around here.

Firstly the guy that bought the lot opposite has put it for permission to have it re-zoned. We hear he wants to put a 12-plex on the land. The land used to house a lovely old buidling that once was the baptist church. Then it was occupied by the Soaring Eagle Friendship Centre until they moved to a new location. Used to be wonderful when they had any special occasion and we could hear fiddling and drumming without having to leave our yard. Anyway, we have all signed a petition and will be at the Town Hall on Monday. Ron and I have done most of the leg work. Fingers crossed for us.

Then I re-vamped Karp Styles. Just new logo menus. "Just" she said. It took days. Wanted to install a new shopping cart but I can't find one that suits my requirements.

Last night we went to enroll Jesse in Playschool. He starts next Septemeber. The school is quite new and has great facilities. As soon as we go there he took off on his own. For 40 minutes he seemed to totally forget us. I think he will do great there. They even have computers. Jesse loves to come and help Mommy work so you never know, he might be the one printing out invoices soon LOL.