Sunday, November 21, 2004

Not been able to update lately as I got a new computer. So many programs to install for business that the blogging took a back seat for a while.

For any of you Canadian readers that are interested -- the Canadian Fibre Arts Webring has moved to a new manager (no prizes for guessing who). If any Canadians have suitable website and wish to join just click on the banner for more information.

Canadian Fibre Arts Webring

We were also away on family duties. MIL is very ill and we made a mad rush south. Then FIL learnt he needs a triple bypass. My father has had a stroke too. I guess that they are all reaching that age. It is scary. I took my knitting down with me but never managed a stitch. I did pick up Jesse's Cable sweater again last night. First time I have been able to knit in a couple of weeks. If I stop blogging now, I might just get a few rounds in before bed.