Friday, September 12, 2003

We were away for a week being shopaholics in Edmonton. If anybody from Ikea reads this...what were you thinking when you planned the new store???? You shop downstairs and have to pay at the checkouts to go upstairs to finish your buying???? I then wanted to buy Jesse some bedding. The quilt covers were upstairs and the quilts themselves were downstairs!! Upp och ner, upp och ner. Jag blev trött väldigt fort. AND you raised the height for accepting children in the play area. I was SOOOO looking forward to dropping Jesse off and he was about 6 inches too small.

Bitch over!

Finished the cross-over sweater last night and hope to have pics up today or, at worse, sometime this weekend. I LOVE it. It fits perfectly and is so me. It took me so long to sew it together though. If I made another I would knit the sleeves in the round and most of the body too. Anything to avoid my awful sewing.

What to knit next?

The cardigan at bottom left in this photo ?

The sleeves are just knitted to a longer length than normal. I would finish them shorter. Not a fan of long sleeves. 3/4 length suit me well. The cardigan is knit in the round too. Yes, that means I don't have to sew Yipeee. I think the way they photographed this cardigan makes it look so shabby.

Or this from Jo Sharp's Holiday Island Collection ?

And I am sure I will find more before long....

Later that day........

With the aid of a mirror and my handy dandy digital camera (been watching Blues Clues too often), I have a picture of the cross-over sweater ready.

click for larger photo