Wednesday, September 28, 2005

OOps - I've been AWOL again.

Lots of reasons (or should I say excuses) for not blogging. One was that I wanted to leave the post about Emma and her cute son at the top. Hopefully to encourage more people to donate.

Another is that I am just plain busy. Jesse started swimming lessons on Saturdays. I also try to take him once or twice per week. He is doing pretty good. CANskate starts on Monday - that too is twice per week. Orders are pouring in for patterns - that time of year when we get really busy. I have also volunteered to be Treasurer for Hay River Playschool so I am spreading myself pretty thin. Oh yes, and I am supposed to be taking it easy as the pain in my neck and numbness was getting worse. Well at least I am not sitting in this out of the way town bored out of my mind.

But I did manage a bit of knitting. The project was for another Pumpkin Patch Hat. It is either for one of Jesse's friends (won't name them in case their mom is reading this) or it is for the PlaySchool to sell. I just love the pics of Jesse wearing the hat - he looks even more cute than normal. Can't believe he is a year older already.