Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Busy weekend - It was the Northwest Territories Territorial Figure Skating Championships. As Jesse is now a member of Hay River Figure Skating Club, we not only attended but Ron did the music for the skaters on Saturday. And a mighty fine job he did for somebody that knows ZERO about skating. Jackie was supposed to be watching but I ended up chasing Jesse around for about 3 hours. I did get to watch one skater (Paige K who used to live next door to us). She was very good. I've not seen her to ask where she finished yet.

Then we went down with colds on Sunday. Was the busiest Sunday ever for orders for my business and I was getting worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up. I managed. Fell in bed as soon as they were all done.

Started knitting a dog sweater design. I often look at the patterns that I sell and think, I can design one of those. Why are so they so plain? Why are most so thin? So that is what I have on needles now. Not sure if my Shiba Inu Itsy (Langans Brushwood Izuko)will oblige by being my model when it is finished.
Itsy about 2 months old
No way does she need a dog sweater so she gets rather upset if you try to put one on her.

Almost time for the play school bus to drop Jesse off so I had better get my boots on ready. Then we have his skating class this evening. He just loves it and he is REALLY talented too.