Sunday, November 05, 2006

"It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!"

Awoke to a lot of the fluffy white stuff this morning. Ron just moved the vehicles out of our drive so that we can clear some of the snow. It is still coming doen a lot.

UPDATE: go here to see my webcam of the snow from my office (if I have turned on at the time). Webcam It may ask you to accept a file - this is OK.
When it opens click on Motion JPEG Single Camera and then when the next page opens you can enlarge it to 640x480 and Image size x1.5 at the left hand side and you may be able to watch the snow fall! You can actually make the camera move too...I will let you work that out yourselves. And school was cancelled on Monday as the roads were so bad. That is not a thing that happens often here. Yes we get lots of snow but normally they can clear it pretty fast.

Pic especially for Geraldine. If you vist her, check our her wonderful cookbook. I have it and the receipes are awesome.

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Now a new pic of my SPCA cat Cinders. She is not a fan of snow. She is a fan of my bed though.

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