Thursday, February 05, 2004


No idea what is the matter with me but I am totally worn out. I can barely struggle through the days this week. Maybe it is winter, cold weather, lack of walks or maybe I am just trying to do too much.

My ex neighbour and her little girl took Jesse to the library for the little ones reading, songs and craft time. I had loads of orders to do, laundry and a floor that needed washing. It was the first time that anybody had taken Jesse for me since the day we adopted him. He just waved bye bye and was as happy as anything. Mum, meanwhile, had tears in her eyes watching her little boy go off. I am so soft.

Anyway, I thought that Jesse would be tired this afternoon. When he came back from the library, he had lunch then we walked to the mailbox. Afterwards he wanted to play outside in the snow. He was pushing snow for 45 minutes. But would he nap? Nope!

So is it just 4.20pm and I feel like I will collapse with exhaustion. I can't work out if this is normal or not. I often get tired but not this badly. I am a bit worried.

Anyway, Jesse had finished watching Max and Ruby so I need to fly.

Monday, February 02, 2004

Almost finished the bag and ran out of yarn. I knew I would. Drat! I have ordered another ball but it will probably be a few days before it arrives. I was so looking forward to felting the bag.

Weather has warmed up to a hot -15c. It really does feel warm compared to the temps that we were getting. I might even go outside (SHOCK, HORROR) and kick a ball around the snow with Jesse. He needs to escape as much as I do.

Weekend was quite nice. Ron took Jesse out on the snowmobile on Saturday and Sunday. Must say I was jealous. We normally squish all 3 of us on. The German Shepherd used to come too but then Jesse took her spot. I need to get my own machine but we never had time to sort one out this winter. It has probably been too cold to have been used much anyway.