Monday, February 02, 2004

Almost finished the bag and ran out of yarn. I knew I would. Drat! I have ordered another ball but it will probably be a few days before it arrives. I was so looking forward to felting the bag.

Weather has warmed up to a hot -15c. It really does feel warm compared to the temps that we were getting. I might even go outside (SHOCK, HORROR) and kick a ball around the snow with Jesse. He needs to escape as much as I do.

Weekend was quite nice. Ron took Jesse out on the snowmobile on Saturday and Sunday. Must say I was jealous. We normally squish all 3 of us on. The German Shepherd used to come too but then Jesse took her spot. I need to get my own machine but we never had time to sort one out this winter. It has probably been too cold to have been used much anyway.

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