Monday, July 18, 2005

Finding it hard to keep up with blogging lately. Mainly due to the nice weather that we have been having and also work has kept me very busy.

A few weeks ago we took our 5th wheel camper down through Alberta and across to BC. The weather wasn't too bad considering that rain was predicted nearly every day. We found it to be sunny most days. We toured down to 108 Mile House. Hi to Jessie who showed us around in the dark as there was a power outage. A really bad storm came through just before we got there. The white on this photo (click for larger) is hail not snow. It was all white when we first arrived. I thought we were back in winter.

108 Mile House

Then we traveled down to Cache Creek. I fist went there on my honeymoon. The scenery reminds me of the wild west. I love it! This photo was taken on the road between Cache Creek and Lillooet.

Road to Lillooet

Great place to visit just north of Cache Creek is Hat Creek Ranch. We spent one night at a noisy campground in Cache Creek and the next night we moved our camper and actually camped at Hat Creek Ranch. I will know better next time - just camp at the ranch.

The day we took the ranch tour just happened to be the same day that two bus loads of Brits arrived. It was so funny to hear the accents.... I might be British but I have not lived there for around 17 years now. The Brits were really confused - Canadian man with a British wife and a little boy that looks a little Chinese. In the end, some actually came right out and asked me where I was from. As for the tour -- it was really interesting. We took a stage coach ride - reminded me of our F250 Ford Truck -- BUMPY!! There was cowboy riding around. He asked if Jesse had every ridden a horse. Little did he know that there is only 1 in Hay River and I don't think Jesse had ever seen that one. He has only seen horses from a distance when we are traveling. So the wonderful man got off his horse and put Jesse up there and led him around. Jesse looked mortified but I think that was more to do with being watched by 40 Brits than by the horse.

Jesse Horse

On the way back from our main trip we stopped at Rombs County Bluegrass Jamboree near Fairview, Alberta. It was MUCH more fun than I anticipated. Ron is the musician in the family. I play nothing....well I didn't until last week...Ron bought me a fiddle. Not learnt much about playing it yet. The dogs just howl a lot at the moment tee hee. This week we are going to buy a new 5 string banjo as Ron wants to learn that. And he will too. He is very talented musically. We also hope to visit Peace Bluegrass Festival in Dawson Creek, BC which is this weekend. Will take us two days to get there though.

As you can tell, we are traveling a lot this summer. Not much knitting or crocheting has been done. I have just begun to crochet a bolero which I am hoping to get finished in the next day or so. It is from CaneyLadysCreations. These patterns are great for beginners as there are so many pics to follow. A bit of a pain for an experienced crocheter though - if you print the pattern, you would use so much ink!!!