Tuesday, September 14, 2004

As promised Jesse's Placket Pullover completed.
The colours are slightly darker than the pic shows. More burgundy and darker green. Both of our cameras were doing this to the sweater. I will try to take a pic of it on the little guy tomorrow - outside.

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And here is a picture of him just going into playschool on his first day.

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I was SOOOOO proud of him. He went off with the teacher and never really looked backed. The bus brought him home and there was this little face waving at Mommy out of the window. He was so excited to have been on a school bus at last. He rushed in, un-zipped his backpack and pulled out a magnifying glass that he had made in craft-time. He was terribly proud of it. He told me he peed at school (big achievement for him) and that the bus was bumpy. Hopefully I won't be such a wreck on Thursday when he has his 2nd day.
Jesse's new sweater is just about finished. I have 8 rounds of 1x1 rib, sew on buttons and weave in ends. This has been just about the fastest project that I ever worked on. Not sure if it is the pattern or me. The pattern was very well written except for one line which was out of place. Luckily, as I have knitted top down sweaters before, I knew that I should knitting one round of increases and then one round straight. So I should have a FO to show later today or tomorrow. (About time too!)

My little boy has his first day at playschool without me this afternoon. The bus was coming to collect him but Ron and I decided to take him the first time. We want to make sure he is OK and to take pics of him entering the school on his first day. He seems so little to be doing this. I was actually only 4 years old when I started school full time. Back in the early 60s in England, that was how it was done at the local school's. Jesse is only going for 2 1/2 hours - 2 afternoons per week. And I am so worried about my little love. Aren't I silly?

Here is a lovely pic of Jesse on our vacation. This was taken in Robert's Roost RV park in Quesnel, BC (great place to stay).

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