Thursday, October 16, 2003

Here is my version of Sonnet. As hubby is away right now, there is nobody to take a decent photo of me wearing it. I don't think a 2 year old would get more than my legs :-)

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The cardigan looks heavy but DGB Tweed yarn is very light even though it uses a 4 1/2mm needle.

Now onto my next project. Off to the basement to dive into my stash and see if I have some yarn to make a sweater for Jesse. The pattern will be the Kid's Basic Top Down Raglan from Ann Norling.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

The knitting part of Sonnet is completed. Now comes the part that I don't like - the seams. At least there are no side seams. Just shoulder and sleeves. Hope the buttons will look OK. Went to the local so called "craft" store for buttons and they wanted roughly $15 for 6. These were basic, nothing special buttons - not gold plated!!!!!!!! So I went to the thrift store to see if they had any. Found some toggles, some wooden buttons and some gold ones. When I have sewn it together, I will see which buttons look best.

Hubby is away on the other side of the Canadian Arctic all week. Kids must know to act up the minute that dad goes away, don't you think?? Jesse is sure having a bad bout of terrible twos this week. We went to to the new play-group this morning which seemed to help burn off some of that energy. He is one of those 100 miles per hour kids at the best of times. This week he is 1000 miles per hour. Thank God for nap time.