Friday, March 31, 2006


As often happens, life and work got in the way of updating my blog again.

Last Saturday was the Ice Carnival for Hay River Figure Skating club. My son (4 1/2) was in the show again this year. He loves to skate. It is a passion with him. I think he would live on ice if he could. The Canskate 1 skaters did very well and all kept on their feet.

At the end of the show, Jesse was honoured with an award. We are not totally sure of the title yet as the trophy has not arrived. Due to this they gave him a little present (Hot Wheels) and he will get the trophy at the close of season dinner at the end of April. It was basically a Skate Canada Northern Alberta/Northwest Territories Canskater of the Year Award. We are EXTREMELY proud of him. Sadly skating is over for the season and Jesse is missing it already.

Jackie and JesseHere are some photos of him at the ice show. Please click for the larger photos.
Jackie Scheller (Coach) and Jesse. Jesse is doing his "smile"

Jackie and Sammy Jesse and his playschool and skating friend Samantha - she is only 2 weeks older than him but so much taller. Sammy is always telling everybody that I have the same skates as her. True, but she can skate 100 times better than I can.