Saturday, December 20, 2003

Got up this morning and decided I needed a change. Pulled may hair around and thought, "CUT IT!".
Now I am not one that likes going to the hairdressers. I have had long or longish hair nearly all my life and I "taught" boyfriends and husbands (yes there have been more than one) to trim it. So I asked DH if he thought he could cut it how I wanted. He agreed to give it a go. Well I have to say that he did great. So I went from long hair halfway down my back, to hair neatly cut above my shoulders. It hangs really well. I love it and people keep commenting on how nice it looks. Amazing!

Ribby Pullover is now all on one big circular. I just managed to slip all the stitches onto one needle before Jesse woke from his nap. When he has gone to bed for the night, I will get back to it. I found this much ribbing to be really hard on my wrists for some reason. Maybe the yarn was a tad stiff so that wouldn't have helped.

Everybody ready for Christmas? Me neither. Feels like I am going down with a cold too. I had a bad cold last Xmas. Jesse had one the year before.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Gosh was it THAT long since I entered something in the blog. Oops.

We put the tree up on Sunday. Jesse was napping. Got the camcorder and digital camera ready for when he woke. He walked into the living room and literally jumped with glee. He skipped around, he sang. He was so cute that I couldn't hold back the tears....and that was the end of the photographs. All night he just sat next to the tree. Wanted mommy to sit there all night too :-) Christmas has a new meaning now that Jesse is old enough to get involved.

On the knitting front - nearly at the end of the 2nd sleeve of the ribby pullover. Then I have to attach sleeves to body and knit the yoke.
Once I have finished this, I plan on making some felted slippers (Fiber Trends patterns) and a bag. Not sure which bag pattern to use yet. I don't want anything big and bulky. Just need something to hold my wallet and credit cards.

Inlaws are coming for Christmas. Been reading Terri's KnitBlog and now am living in fear of the mother-in-law.