Saturday, December 20, 2003

Got up this morning and decided I needed a change. Pulled may hair around and thought, "CUT IT!".
Now I am not one that likes going to the hairdressers. I have had long or longish hair nearly all my life and I "taught" boyfriends and husbands (yes there have been more than one) to trim it. So I asked DH if he thought he could cut it how I wanted. He agreed to give it a go. Well I have to say that he did great. So I went from long hair halfway down my back, to hair neatly cut above my shoulders. It hangs really well. I love it and people keep commenting on how nice it looks. Amazing!

Ribby Pullover is now all on one big circular. I just managed to slip all the stitches onto one needle before Jesse woke from his nap. When he has gone to bed for the night, I will get back to it. I found this much ribbing to be really hard on my wrists for some reason. Maybe the yarn was a tad stiff so that wouldn't have helped.

Everybody ready for Christmas? Me neither. Feels like I am going down with a cold too. I had a bad cold last Xmas. Jesse had one the year before.

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