Friday, April 22, 2005

Screaming Kid Alert

Put in your earplugs. I have mine in but it isn't working so I left him to think about things and came in here. He won't get dressed. "Mummy's job!" he says. At nearly 4 years old, I am fed up with these mini wars every day so I am not giving in today. Or tomorrow. Or the day after. Super Nanny to the rescue!!!!!

Last night I finished the Summer Cardigan. What a nice pattern to knit! I know it is plain but mindless knitting is about all I can deal with lately. Once I finally got my gauge right (my fault for not doing a swatch - not the pattern's) I was zooming along. Buttons are on their way from a supplier as there was not a single purple button to be had in town - unless I cut it off some unsuspecting person's clothing of course...I can see the headlines now tee hee. Will take a photo as soon as I can.

Spring must have finally come to Hay River. Some ducks flew over yesterday and we saw two seagulls. Normally the only birds we see are ravens, sparrows or snowbirds. As soon as you see anything else, thoughts of summer start to swirl in your head. The river is still frozen but with a lot of melted water on top in parts. The back yard still has some snow but it is mainly a mud bath with some patches of yucky brown soggy grass. Guess I should really be happy that there are no mosquitos yet................