Friday, June 15, 2007

More fun with the Camera

Look what's been hovering around my house lately. It has been around a lot in the past week. Kitties watch out! Although it doesn't look like it from this angle - it is a young bald eagle.

This is a young crab apple tree in my front yard - right outside my office window. We even had a bee visiting while I was snapping away.

I had just been watering my hanging baskets. It is rare that I grow baskets as I am often away a lot in the summer. We plan to be at home more this year so I went crazy and planted about 6. Huge fan of petunias. My favourite flower is Lavatera

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Playing with my new camera

I am the proud owner of a Pentax Digital K10D. Very, very, very nice camera with lots of bells and whistles. I used to have a Pentax film SLR - not quite so many bells and whistles but also it didn't let me play around and just delete the pics that didn't work out. Digital is VERY forgiving like that. I can't imagine having to scrap that many pics on film. $$$$$$

My wonderful cat, Cinders. She is a very timid little thing due to her past experiences. I got her from the local SPCA. She doesn't like going outside much but she will if I am out there with her. Her favourite thing to say is "mitmit". We haven't worked out what it means yet.

Jesse taking a well earned work-break. He has had this tractor since he was 2 (and he is 6 on July 3). It is still his most used/loved toy. He was clearing gravel from the ditch. The snow-ploughs pushed masses of gravel into our ditch this year. Not good for the mower!