Thursday, May 26, 2005

Is Summer Here?

Or as Jesse would say; "Has the snow melted Mommy?"

We finally brought our 5th wheel camper home from the storage yard. Jesse was SO excited. He always saw the camper as we drove along that main road in town. The storage yard can be seen from there. And every day he would ask when we were going camping. He literally did a happy dance (and nearly wet himself) when went to get it. And then he thought he was sleeping in it last night. That meant tears at bedtime. I told him he could help me take some things out there today so that calmed him. BUT I DIDN'T MEAN AT THE CRACK OF DAWN THIS MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!! He woke me up extremely early asking if we were going to load the camper now. And he was already dressed. Jesse NEVER gets dressed without an argument in the mornings. So even though it is still pretty cold out there at 7c (45F), it looks as if we will have to go somewhere for a night soon.

Kids - they are SOOO much fun...even when they wake you that early. I wouldn't change him for the world.

Need a summer hat - buying one in this town is out of the question. I plan on crocheting one. Have a design stuck in my head. Not sure if I have time to make it though as I have 3 other things on the go already. Hopefully by the time I can make it, I won't have forgotten what I envisaged.