Monday, January 15, 2007

I'm a Hockey Mom!

Jesse had begun to get bored with CanSkate lessons. The kids just aren't being challenged enough and they are often left standing around doing nothing. Not good for 5 year olds. Most of parents seem to feel that things aren't going good for their kids at the moment.


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Jesse decided he would like to try hockey. $400 of equipment later and Jesse started Initiation on Wednesday. Couldn't find any 2nd hand stuff in town due to the time of year. He did pretty good considering that he had never skated wearing all the pads etc before. They keep the kids on the move all the time which is great. And the coaches are so encouraging. Then, on Friday, Jesse played his first match. Would have been good if we had mentioned hitting the puck and tackling. Would have been good if we had mentioned what a defender is supposed to do. Would have been a really good idea to tell him that the goalie is supposed to watch the game and not just play with his stick and the net all the time. Thankfully there was not a single shot on goal while he was in the net. The rest of the match saw him skating like crazy after everybody else. LOL

Since then we have watched matches in the arena and on TV so I hope he has a better idea. Jesse had fun playing and that was all I wanted. Ron and I had fun too so that was great.