Thursday, October 28, 2004

Jesse had a party at playschool today. Not a Halloween party as some parents were not happy about their child celebrating that. Ok so we all have our beliefs. When I grew up in England, there was no such thing anyway. So I make the most of now being the big kid that I am.

I know the kids got far too much sugar there today. Jesse was so hyper that it was like watching somebody on drugs. I did manage to get him to stand stil long enough to take a picture of his cute face painting. He is into silly smiles this week. Makes me wonder how the teachers got him to stand still long enough too!!

Click Finished the little poncho that I designed. Now if only I could get a good photo of it. It looks really creased in the photo but it isn't. We are low on daylight in this part of the world at this time of year. It is pretty gloomy outside or just too cold to go out and take photos. It is knit from the top down on circulars. The only sewing required is weaving in the yarn ends (BIG YIPEE from me as I don't like to sew). Fits children from 2 -10 years.
If anybody is interested, it is available for purchase in the right hand column of this site (US$) or on my business site in CAN$.