Friday, February 27, 2004

Thanks for all the concern over my wrist/arm. It isn't broken (huge sigh of relief).

It seems I have trapped a nerve and also sprained the wrist. The doc did a bit of manipulating which seemed to help a bit immediately. Right now it is strapped up and I am trying not to use it at all. Ha Ha.Ever tried to not use an arm when you have a two year old whirlwind son?? It is impossible. But I am not typing with it and Ron is helping me with my business as much as he can. Unfortunately I also acquired a really sore throat and fever this week.

Back in Oct, 2003, I sent in my paperwork to get a Permanent Residents Permit. I am a Landed Immigrant already but after 911, Canada changed its rules. So I paid my $50 and sent in a mass of paperwork all correctly witnessed. I know they take forever but this was getting silly. If I had to rush back to England, I would not be able to get back into Canada as it stands now. So I checked the status on the website. The card was approved Jan 5, 2004. I would get a letter to collect it within 4 weeks. Now nearly 8 weeks has passed and no letter. Found a 1 800 to call. Spent 4 days trying to get through. Finally got through this morning and tried to talk with a toddler shouting at me. Well I wasn't going to call back when it took 4 days already!!!!!! She said the card was in the local office. "And where is that?" I enquired - knowing full well there is no office in Hay River. "Edmonton" was the reply. TOO FUNNY!!! As if I would drive for 12 hours to collect it. Not paying $600 to fly down either. So now I have to see why Edmonton has the card and not Yellowknife. It seems the RCMP in Hay River have given some cards to other immigrants. I wonder why mine went to Alberta.... I just HATE all this hassle. It is like this every time I try to do anything connected with a bank or government office. Grrrrrrr.

And that took forever to type with one hand!!

Here is a pic of the love of my life - Jesse

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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Oh the pain.

Fell over one of Jesse's toys in a dark room and crashed down on a wooden captain's chair. My left arm and boob took most of the fall. Amazed I didn't bounce right back when my boob hit :-))
My arm and wrist hurt but eased up the next day. Well today I stretched my arms above my head and something gave in my wrist. And it hurts so bad. I can only type with my right hand. Can't knit, can't crochet, can barely work. Hubby has to come and cut boxes for me and pull tape off rolls. The pain just shoots up my arm. I have a wrist support on and will take some painkillers too. Then I guess just rest it and pray.

Dear Brooks has allowed me to sell another one of her designs. The Shire Scarf modelled by her other half.

Check it out! Shire Scarf

Saw this on Terri's blog. Terri showed the US states that she has visited.
Well here is my version - the countries that I have been too. Remember that I live in Canada, come from England and spent 8 years in Sweden too.
Listed - England, Belgium, Germany, Luxmebourg, Netherlands, France, Spain, Cyprus, Greece, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Austria and 2 states in the USA (Idaho and Montana) and of course Canada.

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