Friday, February 27, 2004

Thanks for all the concern over my wrist/arm. It isn't broken (huge sigh of relief).

It seems I have trapped a nerve and also sprained the wrist. The doc did a bit of manipulating which seemed to help a bit immediately. Right now it is strapped up and I am trying not to use it at all. Ha Ha.Ever tried to not use an arm when you have a two year old whirlwind son?? It is impossible. But I am not typing with it and Ron is helping me with my business as much as he can. Unfortunately I also acquired a really sore throat and fever this week.

Back in Oct, 2003, I sent in my paperwork to get a Permanent Residents Permit. I am a Landed Immigrant already but after 911, Canada changed its rules. So I paid my $50 and sent in a mass of paperwork all correctly witnessed. I know they take forever but this was getting silly. If I had to rush back to England, I would not be able to get back into Canada as it stands now. So I checked the status on the website. The card was approved Jan 5, 2004. I would get a letter to collect it within 4 weeks. Now nearly 8 weeks has passed and no letter. Found a 1 800 to call. Spent 4 days trying to get through. Finally got through this morning and tried to talk with a toddler shouting at me. Well I wasn't going to call back when it took 4 days already!!!!!! She said the card was in the local office. "And where is that?" I enquired - knowing full well there is no office in Hay River. "Edmonton" was the reply. TOO FUNNY!!! As if I would drive for 12 hours to collect it. Not paying $600 to fly down either. So now I have to see why Edmonton has the card and not Yellowknife. It seems the RCMP in Hay River have given some cards to other immigrants. I wonder why mine went to Alberta.... I just HATE all this hassle. It is like this every time I try to do anything connected with a bank or government office. Grrrrrrr.

And that took forever to type with one hand!!

Here is a pic of the love of my life - Jesse

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