Thursday, July 15, 2004

Been doing a little of the Georgina cardigan each day. It is too warm and smoky to feel like knitting much. But I know realise that I am going to run out yarn. And Elann doesn't stock it any longer. And the wholesale that I thought I could get some from also doesn't stock it any longer. SOOOOOOOO if anybody has, or knows where I can get, 3 balls of Schoeller Stahl Bandolino Colour#727 (Aubergine Oops forgot the North American word - colour is Eggplant), please let me know here. (Remove the obvious before emailing)

Hot and smoky here. Only one downpour of rain in about two months. The grass has forgotten what colour green is!!!!! I seem to be plagued by headaches which I think are heat related.

Ron's Mom starts radiation treatment next week. Ironic that she quit smoking 3 years ago and now has lung cancer. I hope it is not too advanced. Don't think she asks many questions when she sees the doc so I we don't know much either.