Saturday, September 16, 2006

It's Been Ages

Things have a way of keeping me from blogging.

We were on vacation for much of August. Took our camper and went to the Peacebluegrass Festival in Dawson Creek. Had a blast even though it rained quite a bit. Saw our favourite band Hungry Hill. Jenny Lester is the sweetest person with the voice to match. Can't wait to see them again.

Then Jesse got ill. High fever. Gave him Motrin. Fever went down for a bit, then back up. Got to Vanderhoof and he suddenly said that a kid had put a bead up his nose. Now Jesse is not one to make up stories and it would account for a fever but no other symptoms. Off we went to ER. They gave him antibiotics and steroids to reduce the swelling in his nose as they could not see past that to find a bead. Next day we went back to the clinic. Swelling was down a bit but they still could be sure. As we were not on our way home from vacation, they decided they needed to know for sure if there was a bead. Jesse had to undergo a general anesthetic for them to look deeper. I was worried silly. They let me go into the OR with him. It was awful watching him fight the gas mask. Then I had to leave. It took about 30 minutes. They said he was really badly infected in his sinuses. Jesse had said the bead was small and they didn't see it. But they said it might have been in some of the gunk they got out and they couldn't see it. He was in a FOUL mood when he came round. Kicking me, screaming and generally going mad. When we got back to the camper, we had to apologise to all the neighbouring holiday makers. The next day he was a bit more normal. We kept up the antibiotics and carried on to Smithers (Hi Jenny) and then Prince Rupert).

I love Prince Rupert. I miss the smell of the ocean BADLY. I miss eating Halibut. We went down to Cow Bay and found a new yarn store there. Atlin Yarns. I remembered a customer of mine saying she often sat watching the boats, knitting and drinking coffee. And she was there. Working in the yarn store and knitting. (Hi Shelly.) Wonderful to meet her.

We took a trip Whale watching. It was the most amazing weather that I have even seen in Prince Rupert. Not a drop of rain LOL. We took the trip with Adventure Tours who are the most wonderful bunch of people. If you are ever in Rupert, take your trips with them. Doug, the captain, is also a talented photographer. You can see lots of his photos on their website. He found us whales to watch too. The water was like glass and then suddenly up came a whale. One surfaced within feet of the boat and was coming right as. I was so shocked that I couldn't get a pic in time. But this is it taken after it surfaced the other side of the boat.

The photo below was taken north of Prince George. I can't remember the name of the RV park but it was quiet, had a river alongside and was shady. This is Ron and Jesse goofing around.
CLICK FOR LARGER We camped right next to this river.

Our vacation was eventful to say the least but we sure enjoyed ourselves.

Then Jesse started Kindergarten. He had already spent the past few months at École Boréale in pre-school. And summer camp was held there too. It was a bit of a non-event for him other than the BIG yellow bus. He had never been on one of those before.
He is doing great in kindergarten. Seems to speak more French every day. He also gets very mad when I don't understand. I try son! I try....

And if that wasn't enough news. Yesterday I adopted a cat. I have spent 10 years cat-free and could stand it no more. The Hay River SPCA had a 2 1/2 year old cat that had recently had kittens. The elderly owner had to go into hospital and couldn't look after them. I was going to adopt a kitten and then thought how mad I was. Went to see the mom cat instead at her foster home. She was quite standoffish but I guessed that was more due to the dogs, kittens, kids etc in the house. Her eyes were stunning. She was a tabby/calico mix. Very pretty. I went home, talked to Ron. Couldn't decide. Contacted the vet (he travels up here once per month from Manning, AB). He was coming up the end of this month and could spay her then. In that time her milk would dry up. I decided to put in my application to adopt her. And yesterday I got the call that I could. Here she is. A bit nervous but not standoffish any longer. And she adores Jesse. Bit more nervous of our two dogs but that will be fixed in time. Please welcome Cinders. Named by my husband - who is not a big cat lover but soon will be. He hasn't met her yet as he is in Barrhead, AB.
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