Saturday, November 01, 2003

Halloween was cold! Tried to clear the drive and paths of snow and 10 minutes later, we had another dump of the stuff. Well at least I got some exercise!!!!

Jesse was a dalmatian. He wouldn't bark though. He pretended he was a monster. After the first house, he got the hang of carrying his bucket and looking cute. Of course the cuter he looked, the more candy he got. Not a dumb kid by any means. He was very polite and remembered to say "thank you!" to everybody.

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Finished Jesse's 2nd Top Down Raglan sweater. He wanted to wear it today and keeps saying "Nice, Nice". It is RH Kid's in Crayon colour. Perfect for a kid that adores and suits bright colours.

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It is -13c (9F) today. I need to find another knitting project to do as I sure don't feel like going outside too much. And to think it will reach around -40 eventually. Not looking forward to it one bit.

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