Sunday, July 29, 2007

Heat and Crocheting

It has been very hot in the north of Canada. We reached a melting 30c last week. Jesse and I visited the pool a lot to cool down. Then we had a huge deluge of rain which flattened my corn and broad beans. Jesse was heartbroken to see his sunflowers down in the mud. I tried to get on the garden to tie them up straight away but just got stuck in the very sticky mud.

I did manage to finish a crochet design - needed a fan blowing on me to keep my hands from getting too stitcky though. These are so easy and quick to crochet. I made both in a few hours.

I have finally got a new template for my blog. Things like this take a back seat to Jesse and work and I had been wanting to change it for ages. I also changed the comments from Haloscan so all previous comments have gone I am afraid.


Anonymous said...

What brand yarn did you use? So gorgeous - seriously want to try making booties...

famous steve said...

Hi Jackie, I had no idea it got that HOT that far north in Canada! It's been quite hot here in Atlanta, GA too. I've been enjoying reading your blog, and can't wait to use my new Aero needles.

Holly said...

Hi Jackie,

I just saw your post on my blog page and wanted to let you know I haven't gone to Haiti yet. I will be arriving in Haiti tomorrow (9/12) and will be back on (9/16). I will let you know anything I find out about Davidson when I get back. If you can, please give me your email address again. I have been having computer issues and don't know if I still have it. I hope things are going well for you.

(mom to Wadner and Mia in Haiti)

Geraldine said...

Your blog is looking great J!!! Loved the booties too.

Im back to blogging, as of this weekend. I agree about the weather in this part of Canada, its been a cooker, here in BC.

Take care, G

Leti said...

They are absolutely gorgeus! Love those booties.
Really enjoyed your blog. Thank you for sharing