Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Canada Day!

I took the plunge and offered to organise a float for Hay River Figure Skating Club. It took Ron and I two weeks to get it together. Of course it rained on Saturday just as were had planned to decorate it all with our silhouettes, streamers etc. This morning was just as bad so we fighting the wind to do it all. Here is a pic of us minus some balloons that we lost to a huge gust of wind before we even started the parade. It also rained before the parade began and our streamers took a beating as the did the photos of famous Canadian skaters that I had along the side but the same happened to other entries. Just after this the rain stopped, we added some more balloons, more skates hopped on and we we had great fun.

And not only that, we won first prize of $175. I am hoping figure skating will allow me to donate that to Sophie Call (principal at Ecole Boreale where Jesse goes to school) and Angela Cole who are getting ready to leave town and work in an orphanage in Tanzania. It is a dream of mine to do something like that. My wish is that they can give the money to the orphanage.

Sorry about the bad pic - hubby took it. The two adults on board are Sherri (Acting President), Me bending over (acting Vice President), kids are Gracie, Paige, Georgia and Mikey. Jesse was around the other side with Meg.


It was pretty tiring for the past two days but the look on the kids faces certainly made it all worthwhile.

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