Friday, December 05, 2008

Please Welcome..............

Mottopride Memories of Kizzie

Known to the Karp family as Kiah.

Born Oct 1, 2008

Kiah was supposed to arrive on Nov 30. She was being flown from Edmonton International on Canadian North to Hay River. The breeder, Sandi, of Mottopride had her at the airport with plenty of time to spare and checked her in. We were ready for her. Then Sandi called to say she had heard from Canadian North that Kiah missed the flight. They wanted Sandi to come back and get her. It was impossible for her to do that due to circumstances. Canadian North then had to find a kennel for Kiah for the night. We were beside ourselves with worry. We needn't have been. The kennel called. They had Kiah in their home. Even sent us the photo below. She was doing great and I think Kiah just took the time to socialise a little more before she came to us.

A huge thank you to Perfect Place Kennels of Devon, Alberta for the care and love they showed Kiah. (Pic of her at kennel)

Kiah finally arrived on the plane in Hay River, Northwest Territories at 10am on Dec 1. She was fine after her flight. Honestly, I think most humans would have been upset after the ordeal she had but she was fine. And she is right at home with us. I call her NO BITE as she is typical puppy and has to bit everything and everybody. But talk about SMART. She has only been with us for 5 days ans she can sit, lie down, stay, come (although not constant yet).

The day she arrived we also had a vet's appointment booked for her and cat. Little did we know that two hours after getting off the plane, she would be travelling in the van to the vets.

There was a really sad part to the vet visit. We collected the ashes of Kizzie. The girls who work with the vet had decorated the box with flowers and a photo of Kizzie. It was so sweet of them. They don't normally do this evidently. I think they really felt our grief. And yes, we still miss her like mad even though we have a puppy in our lives.


Paula said...

Yay puppy photos!!! She is so cute. I'm sure she will be settled in with Itsy & Cinders in no time.

Happy puppy days.

Maureen said...

Her feet are so big! - she will grow into a big dog. I'm happy that you have a new puppy, it's the best thing to do, but I have never been able to do that. I was so grief-stricken when our old cat and dog died that I knew I just couldn't go through it again.
She can never replace your Kizzie, but she will find her own way into your lives and you'll love her for herself.

Geraldine said...

Oh how beautiful your new puppy is. But so sad to say goodbye to your other dog. Big hugs, G