Sunday, December 14, 2008

First Goal of the Season

Hay River Novice were due to play High Level on Dec 13th. The temperature went down to -30C so High Level cancelled. Some of the older Atoms made up a team so we could still have the matches.

Jesse #77 scores his first goal of the season. Brad shot and the puck rebounded off the goalie and Jesse put it in the net. One really proud mommy here......


Maureen said...

I can't begin to even imagine what -30 is like! - congratulations to the hockey player, it's nice to be the star's mother!

Paula said...

Yay, Jesse great assist!!
They are adorable ... I love how their sweater go down to their knees. I heard the rest of Canada was in a deep freeze when I watched the CBC news tonight. Here it was a balmy 15°C today and it is 10°C right now at 12:30am.