Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Spring has Sprung!!!! In Hay River that means you spend hours diverting the water that is trying to head for the basement. We had about 3 feet of snow around the house and the melt happened really fast this year. Yesterday I spent hours clearing snow from near the back walls and emptying garbage cans full of water. The eves-troughs were overflowing at one section and it was all heading towards the house. I grabbed the garbage cans to collect the water. Jesse thought it was all such fun though. He was soaked when I finally got him to come in.

Today the driveway melted and that began to come in near the basement windows. So I was syphoning water from that area all afternoon. The snow on the grass is now so soft that Jesse keeps loosing his boots. Soon it will just be under water - then what do you do with an energetic 2 year old????

You should see the ice crossing on the river. It must be 2 feet of muddy water. But everybody is still driving back and forth to the reserve. I won't be taking my shiny van across any more until it freezes again next winter. A couple of years ago a truck went through the ice. That was the most exciting thing to happen here in years

Finished Meg's little crocheted dress. It sure looks cute. I think it is too big for her but she will soon grow into it. Click for Larger pic Hope to get a pic of her wearing it as soon as I can.

Still knitting a few rows per night on my dishcloth for Brenda's Dishcloth-Along . I find cotton hard to knit with...wears my poor wrists out too quickly. (And all this snow moving has just added to that - plus blisters). I guess I am about halfway along now.
Here is the progress photo.

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