Wednesday, March 24, 2004


Hold it All Handbag is finished and felted. And just as I was trying to shape it as it was drying, I noticed an error. Falls on her knees in complete sadness I clearly started the strap in the wrong place so it doesn't match on both sides. Can't believe I messed up so badly. All I can say is that I was probably more worried about running out of yarn (which I did) than paying enough attention to my work. DUH DUH DUH!!!!!!!! The bag is useable or carrying Jesse's spare pull-ups and stuff and probably I am the only one who will ever notice that it isn't symmetrical but......

Oh well! Now I guess I need to make another bag and try doing it correctly this time.

Thought spring was finally arriving this weekend and then back came the -25c and snow. It is windy out too so the windchill must be bad. Poor Jesse just wants to go outside and play but it is too cold.

Been working on the taxes. It is a lot of stress as I do the books for my business and DH's taxes too. Hopefully we can Netfile them tonight and then I can do the GST return tomorrow. After that, perhaps I can take a break from stressing myself SOOOOO much. My name is Jackie and I am a work-aholic. And working from home means that I often find reasons to come in the office and work when I could be relaxing. Crazy!

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