Monday, September 15, 2003

We had a wind chill of -10c today. BRRRR. Tonight I saw the first tiny flakes of snow. Yes it really is only September 15. We don't normally see snow until Oct.

My next knitting project is going to be something of a mystery. Not only for you but for me too. I have begun a cardigan based loosely on Sitcom Chic. So far I have changed the ribbing to garter stitch. I will also be changing the neckline (hopefully as I am far from being an accomplished knitter). I am using Stahl Bandolino in Aubergine.

On a really sad note. My friend's husband died last week. He was just 38.He died of Colon Cancer. Emma had just given birth to their 2nd child in May.
As the ad on TV says "Don't die of Embarrassment!" Get checked! You can find more information on this website.

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