Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kobo Vox ARGH!!

I got a Kobo Vox at Christmas. Sound didn't work from the speaker. Called Kobo and they said to reset it to factory defaults. Did that and still nothing. Told us we would hear from a tech. Never did. Got an email saying the problem was solved!!?!?!. Emailed again, and was told to reset it. HA HA. Around this time I began to search online and see if Kobo had good customer feedback. Clearly not. Only wish I had known before money was spent. We just kept getting standard "Thank you for contacting us etc etc" email. Finally I got pretty fed up (that is putting it very politely) and I found an online message board for Kobo. And I posted my complaint for all to read. We finally began to get somewhere. Sadly, the postage label they sent was Fedex and they do not take shipments in this remote town. So we contacted them again on Jan 2 to let them know and they said they would get back to us with another shipping method. Now we are at Jan 11 and still nothing. Emailed on Jan 6 to ask how long it would take and received another auto response. Today I blew a fuse on their message board. Response - we have checked your incident # and see that somebody is dealing with you. HUH??? That was back on Jan 2!

The reason I chose a Kobo Vox was that I wanted to deal with a Canadian company. BIG MISTAKE. Lesson learnt....research much more re customer service and faulty goods before buying. They have a really bad service record and it appears many people are pulling their hair out trying to get service. I should have just bought a Kindle and not have had to facility to have books read to Jesse in colour. I also wanted to install other apps and ordinary Kobos and Kindles can't do that.


Bindu said...

I agree, it is a bad experience. Too bad for Canada.

Bindu said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Jackie. Hope you will get a new Vox soon.

naida said...

Hmmm...I've never heard of a Kobo Vox before, I guess its because its Canadian. Too bad this isn't good quality.
I'm old fashioned and have yet to get an ereader.

Jackie - Karp Styles Crochet and Knitting said...

Thankfully I finnally got a new Vox. I have barely stopped reading since. My 10 year old has been reading on it too. That is just what I was hoping for.