Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Itsy

Well it actually took place on Feb 22nd. She is now 10 years old. I cannot believe how fast those years went.

I copied Paula's idea and gave her Beneful with candles on. She loved it. So did Kiah.

Today Kiah had her ears up a lot. It is really odd as they tend to stay up until hubby gets home and then they go down. She is clearly way more submissive with him. Kiah is now 5 months. If her ears are not up properly by 6 months, we might need to aid them a bit.


Paula said...

Happy belated birthday to Itsy!

Kiah is so grown-up looking.

Geraldine said...

Happy Belated birthday, what a cutie!!! :<)

PS: On a sad note, we lost our dear Mitz in August. She was 21 and healthy almost right to the end. We miss her so much.