Monday, December 20, 2004

Jesse's cable sweater has been completed and, and, and, and IT IS TOO BIG. I was trying to surprise him and had not put it up against him to check size. The design is baggy so I was just thinking that was why it seemed on the large side. Oh well. It will fit him next winter.

I am currently knitting a Two Old Bags design called Lady's Triangle Bag. Nice mindless knitting which I really need at the moment.

Heard that my dad in England is not doing well. I feel so torn. Ron's Mom is really going downhill fast and his dad needs some help. I get the distinct feeling that the in-laws are supposed to be more important that my Dad. And I am totally stuck in the middle not knowing what to do. I haven't be able to see my Dad for 8 "expletive" years now.

On a fun note. I found this quiz on Brenda's blog and wondered what my results would be.

SHOCK! HORROR! Well it *is* just a quiz!

Goth Mama
You're a witchy woman! Chances are that you see
Morticia Addams as a role model, and your
wardrobe sports a fair amount of black. The
other mothers at school pick up may look
askance, but your kids already know that the
judgement of others isn't what counts.

What kind of a freaky mother are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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