Tuesday, October 19, 2004

All the stress of the past few months is over. The motion to rezone the lot opposite our house was defeated by a vote of 4 to 2. One councillor excused himself as he is the boss of the landowner and another is too sick to attend. So we WON!!!!!!! I was ready to jump up and make my voice heard if they voted the other way. That may have even got me arrested (although I was sitting next to my ex neighbour who used to be the RCMP Staff Sergeant until he retired). Luckily it did not come to that. Ron and I have put our hearts and souls into fighting this. It probably isn't completely over as we have no idea on what will be planned next -- but it can't be worse than planning to build a 12 plex which will all be rental suites. We are a low rise single family area that was built about 30-40 years ago. Suddenly dropping an apartment building in the middle of us ( BANG SLAP in the middle as it is a small crescent) would have destroyed the great community that we have. Most of us have lived here for over 8 years and some have been here 20 plus years.

One councillor said that we had opposed everything offered - a seniors home, a young offenders home - but we had not ever heard about the seniors home. That would be perfect. The young offenders was not officially on the cards either. It was a rumour and then they looked at a different area. That crescent fought against it and they now have the Playschool that Jesse attends on the land.

All I can say is Thank God we learnt this was all being rushed through in breach of bylaws back in May/June. If we hadn't - they would have passed this before we ever learnt what was happening. Maybe they now realise that their "old boys club" is starting to fall apart. And wait until the next election!!! There will be some changes if we have anything to do with it. (And if I get my Canadian Citizenship by then, then you may even see me stand as councillor)

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