Thursday, September 09, 2004

Jesse's first time at Play-School went quite well. I think Mom was the most nervous. Jesse was rather upset that the school bus didn't come to collect him. He assumed that it would if he was going to school. They do have a small bus which they use for outings....and lucky for Jesse, the kids in the afternoon classes can be collected by the little bus. He is going to be SOOOOOO happy when it comes to get him next week. He already knows the lady that drives it -- she is not only a neighbour but also one of the teachers.

He wouldn't sit for the book reading which was highly embarrassing for me. All the other kids sat and listened to the story while Jesse got into any toy he could find and generally was loud. I think he will be OK if I am not there though.

So all in all, I was happy. The setup is great and Jesse will benefit from more structured activities without Mommy around. He has only ever been away from me for one morning in 3 years!!!!

Thing about making the Poncho Pullover that seems to be the rage at the moment. Poncho Pullover - Click here Cabin Fever sold masses at a recent show evidently and I can barely keep it in stock. It's extremely popular. I wondered if it might be something for me. Not sure if it will suit my short frame though. But perhaps the point might make me look taller???? Comments anybody???

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